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Resources - WSOP Final Hand - 1998:



WSOP 1998 Final Hand:



Scotty Nguyen


Kevin McBride

online gambling - historical hands online gambling - historical hands


online gambling - historical hands online gambling - historical hands



The pre-flop at the WSOP 1998 finals came with J 9 to Scotty Nguyen and Q T to Kevin McBride. Kevin decided to raise $50.000 and Nguyen called.


The flop brought
8 9 9 giving a three-pair to Nguyen, but Scotty didn't raise – he check-called once again. Thus, McBride tried to bluff his hand in and bet $100.000. Nguyen called. The turn gave Nguyen a full house with an 8. Nguyen checked again, and McBride bet another $100.000.


McBride needed a Jack, but the river came with an
8, giving Nguyen a higher full house. Scotty took the advantage and bet $310.000, which meant McBride had to move all-in if he wanted the pot. While McBride was thinking over his next action, Scotty said: “You call and it's over baby.” Kevin replied ”I call. I play the board.”


McBride thought it would be a split pot, but he was wrong – Scotty Nguyen took $1.000.000 prize money and left the table being the WSOP 1998 World Champion.



online gambling - historical hands online gambling - historical hands online gambling - historical hands

online gambling - historical hands

online gambling - historical hands

The Flop

The Turn

The River


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