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Summary: is the world's leading no-download poker room, with a unique and sleek design and good traffic. There is a download version as well which has very nice graphics. has managed to get real soft games the last 12 months with their huge traffic increase. The focus is more on 6-handed tables than most other top rooms (together with InterPoker). is the best choice for Mac-users, who can play without any special installs. offers great statistical analysis of your game and an open database of the hands played at the site. There traffic is very concentrate to the Holdem and tournament section. A large proportion of the games are short-handed tables with 5 or 6 players. The sign up bonus is huge coming from our site, but the rake is slightly higher than industry average (partly due to all short-handed games). The games have become very juicy lately where soft games are found even up to $5/$10 no-limit Texas Holdem which is impressive. Real money player statistics - July, 2006: 4,400-4,800 ring game players at peak hours, 15,000-17,000 tournament players at peak hours.


Software and Graphic: has a high-end software with its clean, sleek graphics, multi platform compatibility and reliability in uptime, etc. On the negative side, many players do not like the "playability" on, as it does not lend itself well to multi-table play (buttons too close, easy to time out, hard to see winning hand, etc) The software is available as both Java applet and as standard Windows download. The Java version is a great feature for Linux and Mac users who otherwise need a Windows emulator. The Java version is also for certain users who cannot download programs to the computer. The statistics functionality on your played hands in the various games is good, with extra features such as hourly win/loss rate and Big Bets won or lost. There is a random delay in the automated pre-selected actions a client can take, not to give away any extra information via an immediate check. Another nice feature is hand match up percentages in all-in situations during play. The lobby information is a little tricky to use, as you need to click on each table to get the full statistics. Recently added in the software update autumn 2005 is a lobby chat where all players logged in can share thoughts. Poker Room also allow all their players to download poker games for mobile phones, called "Mobile poker". The software allows players the option to create private tournaments where you can choose your own buy-in, starting time etc. A nice feature is that you can create Team Tournaments where teams consisting of five to 10 players are created by a "Team Manager" and can participate in leagues.


Poker Room !


Ring Games Traffic:


The traffic at peak hours is currently 4,400-4,800 real money ring games players (July, 2006). The high limit tables in particular have grown very much since last year.


Tournaments Traffic:


The traffic at the tournaments at peak hours reaches currently between 15,000-17,000 real money players ( April, 2006 ). There are big daily free rolls, which draw very large crowds.




The rake at Poker Room is above average when viewed as a percentage of the pot but shares the average maximum of $3.00 per pot. The formula they use to calculate the applicable rake is based on 3 variables - type of game (fixed-limit or pot & no-limit), the number of players in the hand, and the size of the pot in terms of Big Blind multiples. The difference being that No-Limit and Pot-Limit games can rake a little more on the larger pots; where the fixed limit game maxes out at 1 big blind for 5-10 players or a maximum of $3 on pots with more than 12 big blinds the No-Limit and Pot-Limit have a 2 Big Blind or Maximum of $3 at 5-10 players and 32 or more big blinds in the pot.

An example of where this system gets expensive is when playing with 3-10 players and having a small pot of 4-12 big blinds. Foe example, if the pot is at 4 Big Blinds there will be a 0.4 BB charge, which amounts to a 10% rake. On larger pots, for example a $200 pot at $2/$4 No-Limit, there is less of a charge ( $3 here is equivalent to 1.5% ).

Overall the effective size of the rake is going to be determined by your style of play. If you are playing a tight aggressive game, being involved in few pots but being heavily involved when you do play your rake is going to be low and you could be averaging below 2%. If you are involved in a lot of smaller pots you are going to have a higher rake, even as high as 8-10%


Loyalty Bonus:


Poker Room has a good player point program. Points are awarded for every raked hand in which a player participates. The points can be converted into cash ( Player Points Payback ) or used as buy-ins in one of the many free roll tournaments ( Player Points Freerolls ). Each 100 points is converted to $1. Also on a daily basis there is a $1,000 split up on the top fifty player points earners. A refer-a-friend program is also available where the referrer gets $50 and the referral gets $25. 




Support can only be contacted by e-mail.

24/7 support: Yes
Support Features: Email
Email confirmation/receipt: No
Speed: Ok
Knowledge: Good
Avg. NETeller pay out time: 24-48 hrs


Deposit & Withdrawal Options:


Deposit options:
VISA, MasterCard, NETeller, FirePay, 900Pay, Prepaid ATM, MoneyBookers, Delta, Switch and InstaCash

Cash out options:
NETeller, FirePay, Prepaid ATM, courier check, normal check.


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