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Resources - WSOP Final Hand - 2004:



WSOP 2004 Final Hand:


Greg Raymer


David Williams

online gambling - historical hands online gambling - historical hands


online gambling - historical hands online gambling - historical hands


A full-house battle unraveled at the WSOP 2004 final table between Greg Raymer and David Williams. The final table blinds were $50.000-$100.000. Raymer received an instant pair of 8's. Williams had an A and 4 and bet $300.000. Raymer called.


After the flop showed
4 2 5, giving Williams a pair of 4's. Although Raymer had a higher pair, he checked. Williams hastily bet $500.000. Greg raised to $1.600.000, then Williams called.


The turn brought
2 to the table, Raymer bet $2.500.000 with his two-pair, and Raymer declared a bet of $2.500.000, as he thought to have the better hand. Williams called without hesitation.


The river came with
2, and now the both of the players had full houses, but Raymer with his initial pair of 8's had a better one - deuces full of eights. Both Raymer and Williams moved all-in. After they showed their hands, Raymer left the table being the WSOP 2004 Champion with a prize of $5.000.000, leaving Williams with his deuces full of fours behind.


online gambling - historical hands online gambling - historical hands online gambling - historical hands

online gambling - historical hands

online gambling - historical hands

The Flop

The Turn

The River


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